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Blood and Water 2018

The story of a man who beat the odds to achieve a great career in the city only to find out that his family needs help during their ever increasing hard times. He has to make a choice. 

Featuring Grant Stokes, Deb Harris & Joette Waters.  

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  • Three Squares Episode 1 

    "Lets Meet at the Bar"

    In this pilot webisode we follow three talented actresses as they run around Chicago's acting scene. Making it happen. You never know who you may meet right around the corner.... 

    Featuring Bobbie O'Connor, Kathleen Lawlor & Suzy Brack 

    Three Squares Episode 2 "Lets Do This!"

    The ladies get cast on a spot that may require less than what they expected.

    Featuring Bobbie O'Connor, Kathleen Lawlor & Suzy Brack 

    Three Squares Episode 3

    "We Love you Richard!!!"

    Try to remain calm girls!! You're smothering the poor guy...

    Featuring Bobbie O'Connor, Kathleen Lawlor  Suzy Brack &

    Special Guest Richard Pryor Jr. 


  • Journey Back Home

    It's never too late to make the Journey Back Home.    

    The past is always the past and home will always be home. What may surprise you is how your connected to people who are creating the future.  

    Featuring Francine Locke & Sarah Eichelberger 

  • Young Guinevere EP: 1 Trailer 

    Be Brave! Find Yourself! Save a life!

    "Turning the Tables of Time." Directed by James Edwards Produced by Ron Larson CAST Charlotte: Brooke Larson Guinevere: Sarah Eichelberger Martha: Maritza Cabrera Damien: Troy Schaeflein Lecticus Mallo ry: Terry Maloney Darkus: Micheal Joseph Thomas Ward Rulaine: Dennis Edwards CREW Filmed by: Ron Larson Stage Hand: Jazmine Edwards Stunts by James Edwards Screenplay by Sarah Eichelberger  

    Featuring Sarah Eichelbeerger Maritaz Cabera Troy Schaeflein & Brooke Larson 

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  • Watch the Pilot of Young Guinevere!

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  • Here is a "Just for Fun Short"

    Please Enjuoy the "Vampires vs the Zombie", a Ron Larson Jr. Short Film.

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